Hi, I’m the owner of Magickal Honey.

Magickal Honey is a cosmetic line and sleepwear/lounge wear line since that is my favorite thing to wear lol. I would love it if you could support by reacting to my post, loving my IG www.instagram.com/magickalhoney. Thank you so much for your support. Peace and blessings.

My Story:

2006: Graduated High School

2008: Became A Mom at 19

2009-2013: Working as a Front Desk Manager/Business Manager while attending some college courses while I could

2014: Started of selling Yoni Steams and Tarot Readings

2015:Started working Operations in a Bank decided to go back to school

2017: Graduated with my degree while still selling Yoni steams and other products

2018: Magickal Honey became a reality with other products

2019: Created a cosmetic line, Youtube channel for Honey Loves Tea Tarot.

So my life was just like yours but I didn’t give up on my dream of being a boss!!!!

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